Basic 360• Kit

Basic 360• Kit

1 MOVE 1 RIDE 1 ALIGN. All your needs for your 360• training. Get Aligned. Get Sweaty. Get Moving.

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Basic 360• Kit
  • ELMNT CORE with Meaghan [SHE/HER]

    Have fun, be challenged, get centred with Meaghan in this all-levels Core sequence.

    Props: Optional Toning Balls (2-3lbs)


    Drills, hills, time challenges to challenge you and dancing to celebrate.

  • YIN YOGA [Lower Body Focus] with Asami [SHE/HER]

    Asami guides you through a 60 min. slow and steady practice that will focus on lower-body opening, and (ankles, knees, and hips). In this practice you will hold poses for longer periods of time and you will explore how breath and gravity can help you to open more passively within the postures. S...